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Ruhanga is the name of a parish within the sub-county of Itojo in the Ntungamo district of south-west Uganda and is home to eleven cells (sometimes called villages) the four cells of Migorora, Nyamahani, Kakizi and Ruhanga being the best known with Ruhanga being both the name of the parish and, additionally, a cell in its own right.

There are approximately 392 families in these four cells within the parish with a combined population of some 2000 people. As with many other rural communities in Uganda, Ruhanga is poor in terms of income, but rich when it comes to community spirit although that wealth doesn't meet medical, school and other essential expenses.

Most of the population are engaged in subsistence farming; rearing goats and pigs in a "garden" around their homes with a number also growing coffee that is sold to local traders, shipped to South America for processing, packaged in Europe then sent back to Africa to be sold in local supermarkets such as Eden in the nearby town of Ntungamo. It doesn't take much guesswork to identify who in that chain makes the least money. Banana plantations can be found through-out the parish and the villagers are also engaged in growing other crops both for their own consumption and for sale or exchange.

About RuhangaMost of the villagers live in brick or mud huts with sheet metal roofs consisting of one main room a bedroom or two and an outside latrine and a "kitchen". Food is prepared over wooden fires with brushwood collected by the family children normally before, during or after school. There is no electricity in most hillside homes nor piped water which is collected by the children from village water tap outlets or from ponds and streams. Despite this, most families have access to a mobile phone so can keep in touch. The parish has a few small trading centres where supplies such as sugar, cooking oil, maize meal, rice, local sweet bread, bananas and mobile phone top-ups can be bought, although, apart from in Nyamahani village cell, you may well have walked passed these trading outlets without even realising you had done so!

Over the recent years, despite now being a beacon of good practise, Uganda suffered badly from AIDS with 1,200,000 million children orphaned by the virus and with 130,000 infected themselves. As such its not uncommon to find these children living with aunts and uncles in the village either on a permanent or temporary basis. Unfortunately these children are at a higher risk than others because they are entering already impoverished families creating yet another mouth to feed. As such, they are perhaps more prone to be taken out of education to help generate income or move between extended family members as food, medicine and the cost of education and clothing take their toll. Find out more about Ruhanga in our series of articles below


About Ruhanga

About Ruhanga

About Ruhanga

About Ruhanga


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The history of Ruhanga from the Mpororo Kingdom in the 18th Century to the present day.
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Water Project

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About Ruhanga

About Ruhanga

Ruhanga is a small village community close to Ntungamo on the Mbarara to Kabale main road. Despite a population of just 392 families, Ruhanga boasts a number of schools, a newly opened medical centre and a piped water scheme.


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