Entebbe Zoo

Entebbe Zoo




If, like us, you are not keen on seeing African wildlife or any other animals locked up in cages for human viewing pleasure, then you will enjoy an afternoon or morning visit to Entebbe Zoo also known as the Entebbe Wildlife Education Centre. In some respects a visit to the zoo is even better than a much more expensive safari at such national parks as Queen Elizabeth because the animals are close up, accessible yet they have their own large compounds ~ in fact in the giraffe enclosure we couldn't even see the boundary fence. Whilst more expensive for foreign nationals than locals, the Entebbe zoo represents good value for money, and, during less busy periods, a member of staff will act as an informative guide ~ without expecting financial recompense at the end of the tour. You start off, if you choose to do so, at the zoo's museum then progress around the zoo following the forest trail where you can see mammals ranging from lions, giraffes, crocodiles, rhinos to birds and butterflies in a relaxed environment. There is a lakeside restaurant and a play area for younger kids as well. One word of caution; there are free running monkeys through-out the zoo and they are rabies infected so keep your distance. They won't approach you, but will protect themselves if feeling threatened.

Entebbe Zoo was founded in 1950 with the aim of caring for injured animals and those who had been confiscated from poachers and is today described as "not a zoo in a conventional sense and neither is it a Safari Park but it is a centre where wildlife education is combined with leisure." It certainly fulfils that role and even offers a volunteer program as well as opportunities for children to become zoo keeper for the day ~ not just for local children but foreign nationals as well. Although whilst quite expensive at around £40 for a day to be a day keeper, the profit goes towards the care of the animals and food, drink and a certificate of participation are included in the cost. The zoo also offers packages for local school children where they can meet the animals and learn about ecosystems in Uganda and what they can do to build and enhance them for future generations. It costs around £10 to visit Entebbe Zoo per person.

The verdict of our two Ugandan student reports, Ian and Ben? "Excellent. A great day out and very informative. Well worth a visit!"

Visit the website www.uwec.ug

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