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To be honest apart from sleeping, eating, drinking and shopping there aren't many things to do in Ntungamo, however there is plenty to keep you occupied if you are prepared to travel a few miles. The villages of Itojo and Ruhanga where there are some awesome mountain walks are within a few miles and most tourists in Ntungamo pop along to see the legendary Karegyeya Rock whose history encompasses local traditions of the ancient Bachwezi. If hot why not get a bit hotter by visiting the Kitagata or Mulago (meaning 'hospital') hot springs which are believed locally to have healing powers and find out here a bit more about Ntungamo's history and some facts about the town.

Here are some strange, interesting and little known facts about Ntungamo!

The most recent figures available show that Ntungamo District has a population of 455,799 made up of 216,999 males and 238,800 females.

It is claimed, without any independent verification, that the town of Ntungamo has the most petrol stations per head of population than any other town on Earth.

Ntungamo is 221 miles from the capital of Uganda, Kampala but just 79 miles from the capital of Rwanda, Kigali. It is also 6286 miles from the North Pole, 6164 miles from the South Pole and 61 miles from the Equator.

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, was born in Ntungamo on 15th August 1945 as was his wife, the First Lady of Uganda, Janet Kataaha Museveni (née Kainembabazi), on 24th June 1948. The President and his wife maintain a home in Ntungamo just off the road to Runkungiri, although it is barely noticeable. The First Lady is also the elected Member of Parliament representing Ruhaama County in Ntungamo District.

Other well-known "children" of Ntungamo include Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, the president of Forum for Democratic Change and Justice Richard Buteera who is currently a justice of High Court of Uganda.

In November 2010 President Museveni released a song and video called "U Want Another Rap?" as part of his re-election campaign.

If you lived in the UK and climbed all the way up to the very highest mountain on the island (Ben Nevis), then put up a ladder and climbed a further 200ft, you would be at the the same height above sea level as Ntungamo!

There are plans to build a university in Ntungamo. This was due to start in 2012. No work has actually started as of today.........

Ntungamo District covers an area of 2,056 km² making it slightly smaller than the countries of Samoa (2,831 km²) and Luxemburg (2,586 km²) but larger than Mauritius at 2,040 km², Guadeloupe (in the Caribbean) at 1,705 km², New York City at 1,214 km², The Faroe Islands at 1,393 km², São Tomé and Príncipe at 0.964 km². Ntungamo District also dwarfs the Vatican which covers an area of just 0.44 km²!

The closest international airport to Ntungamo is Goma International Airport in Congo-Kinshasa at 61.5miles distance followed by Kigali International Airport in Rwanda at 82.3 miles. By contrast Entebbe Airport is 203.6 miles away. The closest airport for internal fights both civilian and military is at Mbarara Huma Airport, 10 miles north-west of Mbarara whilst a further civilian airport with a non-paved runway can be found three miles from Kabale on the Kabale-Kisoro Road.

 Hot Springs
Ugandan Hot Springs

The Kitagata or Mulago (meaning 'hospital') Hot Springs are believed locally to have healing powers.

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   Karegyeya Rock

The legend of the Karegyeya Rock close to nearny Ntungamo encompasses local traditions of the ancient Bachwezi.

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Kisiizi Waterfall
Kisiizi Waterfall

The spectacular Kisiizi waterfall in western Uganda near Kabale hides a terrible secret from the past.

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Itojo Village

A trading area rather than a town located between Mbarara and Ntungamo with a district hospital.

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Cultural Village

When you visit the Nshenyi Cultural Village you will experience the traditional lifestyle of Banyankole people.

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Ntungamo History

An overview of the history of Ntungamo from ancient times to the colonial period and present day.

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Things to do in Ntungamo

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Located on the Kampala-Kabale highway Ntungamo is a great source of pretty much anything you may need.

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