Tooro Botanical Gardens

Tooro Botanical Gardens

Founded in 2001, the Tooro Botanical Gardens were established in Fort Portal to help conserve trees and other plant life that was at risk or facing extinction in Western Uganda. Today the gardens are flourishing and cover a 100 acre site and not only concentrates on conservation but also scientific research and education. The Tooro Botanical Gardens also encourage sustainable agriculture and partners with SATNET, the Sustainable Agriculture Trainers Network. Visitors to the gardens can enjoy a guided tour by well informed staff as well as strolling around the gardens with their abundance of flowers, medicinal plants and fruits.

There are many different trails to take which take in stone gardens, butterfly breeding and tree nurseries. Its also a haven for bird watching which can be enjoyed from the tree houses there. Bird species include the Scaly Francolin, Ludher’s Bush-shrike and Black-faced Rufous Warbler, Sunbirds, Waxbills and Flycatchers as well as Hamerkop and Woodland Kingfishers.

Also keep an eye out for the many reptiles that have found a home there and for other wildlife in the ponds.The short video below provides a great introduction to the gardens and what you can expect to see there. Set aside a few hours to fully explore this project. A worthy addition to any visit to Fort Portal.

Tooro Palace

The Tooro Royal Palace is home to the Omukama, king of one of the four traditional kingdoms of Uganda.

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