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Ugandan National Anthem

Below are the lyrics of the Ugandan national anthem in both Runyankole and English. We've also got a video of children singing the anthem (right) but in English!.

English Runyankole
Oh Uganda! O Yuganda!
May God uphold thee, Ruhanga akubangire,
We lay our future in thy hand. Niiwe matsiko gaitu
United, free, Tukwataniise
For liberty Twiin’obusingye
Together we'll always stand. Nitwija kuguma tuhamire!
Oh Uganda! O Yuganda!
The land of freedom, Ensi y’obusingye
Our love and labour we give, Tukunde tukwehenengyere
And with neighbours all Nabataahi beitu boona
At our country's call Abara twiijemu
In peace and friendship we'll live. Tugire obumwe nkabanywaine!
Oh Uganda! O Yuganda!
The land that feeds us Ensi eturiisa
By sun and fertile soil grown. Ahabwomushana neitaka ry’orwezo
For our own dear land Iwe nyamurungi we
We'll always stand: Tubeere eruru
The Pearl of Africa's Crown. Nkekiruunga ky’Afirika!

National Anthem

National Anthem

National Anthem

National Anthem

National Anthem


Ugandan National Anthem
Ugandan National Anthem

The Ugandan national anthem is often performed twice in a row as its one of the world's briefest. Shortly before independence from Great Britain in 1962 a competition was held to establish the new national anthem and none of the entries were deemed suitable so composer George Wilberforce Kakoma (above) was asked to step in and try his hand.



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