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Volunteer in Western Uganda

Western Uganda, like much of Uganda, is home to numerous poor families with many children being orphans with no caring adult looking out for them. As such, there are many volunteer work programs that need you to help out mainly at schools or providing care in orphanages. Although working with street children in Western Uganda is hard work and seemingly unrewarding, volunteer work with most children is an enriching experience for both the volunteer and the children themselves who crave the love and extra attention you can provide.

To get a real about being a volunteer in Uganda, check out the Lighthouse Project below, reviewed on Amazon as being essential reading for those considering volunteer work in the rural countryside.



Volunteer in Western Uganda

Sadly the pandemic has hit many volunteer programs hard. Without volunteers to help run them or fundraise back home, many of them have been forced to close their doors for the last time having a devastating impact on the children and the communities they work within.

Volunteer in Western Uganda

It's so bad that when we recently reviewed the volunteer work projects previously showcased on this page, each and every one of them was forced to close. In the meantime you can check out other volunteer and sponsorship programs for children in Uganda using the links above.



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