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Lake Bunyonyi Accommodation

Lake Bunyonyi Accommodation

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the stand out tourist attractions of south-western Uganda and its accommodation is on a par with that of towns such as Entebbe and Kampala ~ with comparable prices! It's worth it though to spend a few days admiring the stunning views of Lake Bunyoni with its range of activities from boat trips, trekking, bird watching, mingling amongst wildlife such as zebras and generally relaxing. There is limited accommodation in and around Lake Bunyonyi so all providers go that extra mile to ensure you get the most from your stay. The food is also excellent with nicely prepared western and local dishes.


Bunyonyi Accommodation

Bunyonyi Accommodation

Bunyonyi Accommodation

Bunyonyi Accommodation


Eco Resort

Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort

A very attractive hotel with restaurant on the enchanting Kyahugye Island surrounded by wildlife!
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Bird Nest Resort

Lake Bunyonyi: Bird Nest Resort

Comfortable accommodation overlooking Lake Bunyonyi complete with outdoor swimming pool!
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