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Places to Eat in Kabale

Places to Eat in Kabale

There are many places to eat and drink in Kabale and, in general, the standard of food is higher than in other Ugandan towns not least because Kabale caters for the tourist sector and it offers African, Western and Oriental dishes. Here we provide a guide to to the best and most popular places to eat and drink in Kabale from hotels and restaurants to cafes and resorts. There other places such as local bakeries where you can buy pastries and pizzas but for probably the best places to eat in Kabale, take a trip to the resorts that run along the shores of Lake Bunyonyi ~ some of the best food in Western Uganda. As ever in Uganda, expect a long wait of around an hour between ordering and eating!


Places to Eat in Kabale

Places to Eat in Kabale

Places to Eat in Kabale

Places to Eat in Kabale


Overland Resort

Bunyonyi Overland Resort

You'll need to take a taxi to the lake but the food is is absolutely delicious and well worth the trek!
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Bird Nest Resort

Lake Bunyonyi: Bird Nest Resort

Comfortable accommodation overlooking Lake Bunyonyi complete with outdoor swimming pool!
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Rendezvous Internet cafe & HotSpot

Close to the hospital, Rendezvous Internet cafe & HotSpot offers fast internet access as well as drinks.
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Royal Supermarket

Royal Supermarket Kabale

If self catering the Royal Supermarket Kabale offers fresh bread, frozen meat & fresh vegetables.
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