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Kabale, with its population of some 500,000, is the chief town in deep western Uganda and whilst some 260 miles from Uganda' capital city of Kampla, Kabale is just 49 miles from the capital city of Kigali in neighbouring Rwanda. It is often called locally "Kastone" as in the local language Rukiga, a "kabale" means a small stone.

Kabale is nothing spectacular and anyone visiting to see the town itself probably won't be overly impressed as its adorned with road works, dust, heavy rains and the typical shops that litter Ugandan town and villages.

Where Kabale comes into its own, however, is as a gateway to western Uganda. Within a short distance is the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest, and of course Rwanda whose Virunga Mountains can be seen from the town. The town is predominantly occupied by Bakiga, Banyankole, Banyarwanda peoples with other tribes living locally including the Baganda, Acholi, Luo and Bafumbira.

Kabale has most things you would associate with a larger town from an internet cafe, to hotels of varying quality, to car rental, banks such as Barclays, a museum, cafes all surrounded by rolling hills with Kabale itself perched some 6500 feet above sea level ~ compare that with the UK's Ben Nevis which comes in at just 4,409 ft! Its height makes for somewhat chilly nights with daytime temperatures averaging just 18 degrees which are much lower than elsewhere in Uganda. Kabale has its own university founded as a private community led university in 2001 however as from the summer of 2015 it is now run by the government in line with many other universities in Uganda.

On these pages about Kabale, we showcase the best of things to do when out and about in Kabale, from its hidden cave high up a mountain, to playing golf, visits to Lake Bunyonyi and trips slightly further afield such as the spectacular waterfall as neighbouring Kisiizi.

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Kabale Guide

Kabale Guide

Kabale Guide

Kabale Guide


Tourist Attractions

Kabale Tourist Attractions

A list of the main tourist attractions in and around Kabale in south-western Uganda.
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Kabale History

Kabale History

A history of modern day Kabale, formerly part of the Empire of Kitara straddling the great lakes area.
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