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Things to do in Mbarara

Things to do in Mbarara

For a short stop-over there are enough things to do in Mbarara to keep you busy for a few days and most find out a little about the history of Mbarara, the chief town of the old Nkore Kingdom that was later subsumed into an independent Uganda in 1962. You can find out more about Mbarara;s history at the Igongo Cultural Centre north of the town. Also enjoy a nature walk along the Rwizi River that flow through the south of the town and maybe spend time relaxing either horse riding, swimming or playing golf. If you know other other things to do in Mbarara please contact us. Oh, there are also some nice African craft shops tucked away where you can get your souvenirs!


Things to do in Mbarara

Things to do in Mbarara

Things to do in Mbarara

Things to do in Mbarara


Outdoor Swimming

Swimming in Uganda

If you fancy a break from the Ugandan heat, plan a day trip to the city centre Big Fun swimming pool.
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Horse Riding

Horse Riding in Uganda

The Rwekishokye Country Club near Mbarara offers horse-riding, swimming and other activities.
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Sanga Village

Sanga Cultural Village Mbarara

A cultural centre for the Hima tribe close to Lake Mburo featuring traditional ornaments and regalia.
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Mbarara Golf

Ihimba Hot Springs

There is a decent size goldf course in central Mbarara behind the Golf Course supermarket.
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Rwizi River

Rwizi River Mbarara

Have a paddle, splash about or canoe in the Rwizi River that flows through the south of Mbarara.
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