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Fort Portal is just under 200 miles from Uganda's capital Kampala and has a population of some 55,000. Fort Portal is named after Sir Gerald Herbert Portal who was appointed as British Special Commissioner to East Africa in 1892 and visited Uganda to establish whether the area should become a British Protectorate to replace the failing Imperial British East Africa Company which was then the administrator of British East Africa (including the territory of Uganda), but was increasingly ineffective as a commercial company and unable to manage conflicts between the Kabaka (King) of Buganda, French Catholic, and British Protestant missionaries.

His recommendation it should become a protectorate was accepted by the British Government however he died at the age of 36yrs old six months before his recommendation became a reality on 18th June 1894. His statute still stands in the town centre.

There is much to see and do when out and about in Fort Portal from a vibrant nightlife with town centre clubs such as Africana and the Forest Bar, and daily markets around the area.

Most however will want to take in Fort Portal's tourist attractions which range from caves and waterfalls to Royal Places (with Fort Portal being the home of the traditional Tooro Kingdom) and tombs to its tea plantations and guided walks that take in crater lakes and with their bubbling sources.

There is good accommodation in and about Fort Portal from which you can use as a base for trips and adventures to Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, the Kibale forest. Food is plentiful both for those who prefer traditional African food and those who would rather have international food with the Dutchess hotel and restaurant close to the centre of town offering pizzas, burgers etc

On these pages we hope to provide all you need to know about Fort Portal however if you know of other tourist attractions in Fort Portal get in touch and let us know using our contact form.


Fort Portal Guide

Fort Portal Guide

Fort Portal Guide

Fort Portal Guide


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Fort Portal Tourist Attractions

A list of the main tourist attractions in and around Fort Portal in Western Uganda.
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