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Kasese is a multi-ethnic district with many people of different ethnic backgrounds. The main languages and ethnic groups that dominate the area are the Bakonzo , Basongora , Banyabindi , batooro and Banyankole -Bakiga respectively. There is also common usage of English, Swahili and Luganda languages. With a population of some population 115,400 (2020), Kasese is one of the fastest growing areas in Uganda being not only home to the Hima Cement Company and Kilembe Mines (Uganda's largest copper mine) but as a tourist attraction being widely seen as a gateway

to Queen Elizabeth National park and the stunning Rwenzori mountains. Lying north of Lake George and east of Rwenzori Mountains, the town has its own airport, which is in the process of being upgraded to an international status, it is likely Kasese will expand over the next decade, however, at present, it's still a small sleepy town but with a few excellent places to stay and eat as you prepare for your safari or trip into the nearby mountains.

Nevetheless Kasese is looking forward to the future being committed to developing renewable energy supplies and improving the health and life outcomes of its residents by challenging deforestation, land degradation and reducing the use of dangerous energy sources such as kerosene. Whilst not abundant with cafes and hotels, there are sufficient and of good quality so as not to matter, and they cater for both the budget traveller to the Kasese area as well as those looking for something a bit more upmarket.

In this online guide to Kasese, we hope to provide all you need to know about the town, gateway to Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Rwenzori mountains with its own national park and popular trekking routes, however, if you know of other tourist attractions in Kasese, get in touch and let us know using our contact form to update our travel guide.

We accept free listings from local services and businesses however we like to check them out first hand as well to ensure the information we provide at Western Uganda Network is of value to our readers.


Kasese Guide

Kasese Guide

Kasese Guide

Kasese Guide


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Details of the main tourist attractions in and around the popular tourist destination town of Kasese.
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