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Reptiles in Uganda

There are numerous reptiles in Uganda thanks to its hot equatorial climate from snakes, crocodiles, lizards, tortoises and chameleons amongst others and in our opinion the best place to see reptiles in Uganda is at the Uganda Reptile Village in Entebbe. The village is a bit off the beaten track and whilst accessible by car whose driver isn't too concerned about his/her suspension, a boda boda is preferable, or like us, you can walk to the village in around 30-40 minutes depending on how often the local kids come running to greet you shouting "muzungo, how are you?"

before all of their brothers, sisters and cousins decide they should also come out and greet you! The reptile village itself isn't that extensive but a few very enjoyable hours can be spent there not least because the committed staff are eager to guide you around the village explaining all about the reptiles.

Most of the reptiles found in Uganda are housed within the village environment which comprises cages for visitor safely and temperature control or outdoor enclosures for reptiles such as crocodiles.

For the squeamish, best look away whilst they feed live chickens to those crocodiles (um, that's nature for you) some of who simply bask in the sun whilst the little chicks clamber all over them ~ until, of course they get hungry! You will also get the chance if wanted to handle tortoises and snakes.

Our two intrepid reports Ian and Ben had mixed reactions with Ian embracing the opportunity whilst Ben embraced the opportunity to say "no!" to snake handling. All of the reptiles in the village have been rescued from danger and part of the purpose of the centre is to how educate the local community about how to co-exist with reptiles safely.

During your stay in Uganda the reptile you will probably see most often is the "gecko" or lizard. These creatures can often be seen scuttling around the inside of your room or tent. They are utterly harmless but also offer a useful service in that they feed on mosquitoes or other insects. Whilst a bit unnerving at first, don't panic, they won't harm you, have no teeth, and set about their insect clearing routines quietly and efficiently. Think of them as a cheap mosquito spray!

After you've explored all of these reptiles in Uganda at the village, the kids will enjoy taking a canoe or pedalo ride and splashing around in the small canal dug out within the grounds of the reptile park. This is included in the very reasonable cost of entry. All in all a well recommended adventure that you are unlikely to find elsewhere so take the opportunity to visit when in Entebbe.

The Reptiles Village has its own website however it is currently unavailable. They can be contacted on +256 782 349583 but are open during normal hours seven days a week.


Reptiles in Uganda




Reptiles in Uganda

Reptiles in Uganda

Reptiles in Uganda

Reptiles in Uganda


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Entebbe Zoo

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