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Entebbe Airport

Entebbe Airport is the only international airport in Uganda and so, unless travelling in by road, will probably be your access point. Opened in 1952, it is probably best known for the scene of a hostage rescue operation by the Israelis after an Arab-German hijacking of Air France airplane in 1976. From the summer of 2016 it is now a requirement that visitors arriving in Uganda have a visa before arrival. These can be applied for online at https://visas.immigration.go.ug/. The process is fairly simple but remember to upload a copy of your ticket with both arrival and departure dates and preferably an itinerary. The process takes just a few days but apply early in case the application is deferred pending clarifications of your travel.

When first arriving, the airport looks somewhat Spartan as you walk along a corridor, down some stairs then queue to get your visa, without sight of the cafes and duty free shops that are accessible to those flying from the airport. Nowadays the queues at immigration control are dealt with speedily. Your fingerprints will be taken and your passport scanned then take the short walk to collect your baggage and leave the airport. Allow 30-40 minutes to exit the airport if booking a taxi to collect you.

On your return you will normally have to undertake a security scan before your transport can even enter the airport car park (always amusing as your bags in the car go unchecked) then a full baggage scan before actually entering the airport itself. One tip ~ you are required to complete a country exit form before departure but no pens are provided so long queues result so best remember to take a pen otherwise you will have to wait until a fellow traveller lends you theirs! Then there is a further body and hand luggage scan before you enter the departure area. Uganda takes security very seriously as you will discover when exploring he country and its normal to have a body scan before entering larger shops and all banks.

Entebbe Airport


Entebbe Airport

Entebbe Airport

Entebbe Airport

Entebbe Airport


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