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Things to do at Lake Bunyonyi

There are many things to see and do at Lake Bunyonyi from walking, bird watching to safe swimming and boat trips some of which land on the islands. Most boat trips come in at around £25 however they will carry as many passengers as are in your party and can be arranged with bespoke tours on request so, when booking your boat trip, or just turning up lakeside to be greeted with some urgency by local boat operators, ensure you explain exactly what you want, ie to go to Punishment Island or land on Kyahugye Island where you can go trekking in search of impala and zebras. If you don't specify you'll just get a generic tour around the lake. In addition to activities, many just enjoy sitting around the lake after touring Uganda.


Things to do at Lake Bunyonyi

Things to do at Lake Bunyonyi

Things to do at Lake Bunyonyi

Things to do at Lake Bunyonyi


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